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    If even one Turkey Mama survived, to raise her littles for another year... that does my heart good!


    Yesterday we ate Feild Roast and Funeral Potatoes. Along with cranberries a special chocolate flavored wine. We did not feel at all deprived. And neither was she. 

    We have some special dogs and cats who have gone to foster for the Holidays. Thank you Tami & Tammy for taking Buck, Missy and Norton out of the kennels in time for them to enjoy Thanksgiving! 


    Thanks also to Emily, who took mama Nala and her remaining kittens on the road with her this Thanksgiving! That's dedication!


    So many others to thank... all fostering longer term pets... you will have them at home for the holidays and I thank you! Dionna & Charlie; Karen & Kate & Sophie; Bob & Donna; Kim & Sami; Heather & Kiley & CJ; Angela & Lawrence; Kate; Megan; Kayla; Linda; Lucy; Dave... EVERYONE... so many pets having a Happy Thanksgiving, all because of YOU! YOU ROCK and so do your families! 


Wishing everyone a great day and many blessings to be thankful for in the year ahead. 

    I am really just so blessed! I could go on and on about all the people I am thankful to, for the day to day help in my little corner of rescue. 


    Today, I want to send out a Special Thanks to A.J. VanderEnde for crafting these darling gift tags! They are accompanying many of my gifting options for holiday fundraising. 


    Also, a Huge Thanks to Lydia Stec, who will graciously allow us to host our Black Friday fundraising event in her store: "Lydia's On Ludlow." We will be there from 12 til 5, with a BOGO event that will blow all other Black Friday sales out of the water!


    Come by for warm drinks and shopping for all ages. We'll have something for everyone and prices range from $10 to $25... so affordable too! (Not to mention #CrueltyFree #EarthFriendly and #ForAGoodCause.)



I just want to go on record as saying, this recipe made a perfect centerpiece dish for our Thanksgiving table. It outshone the dead bird on the table for beauty and (I assume) flavor. It was completely devoured!

I adjusted the recipe to be made with tri-colored quinoa, rather than rice. And that made it even more asthetically pleasing. I highly recommend this dish for a vegan Thanksgiving. My only regret is that I did not get a photo before the crowd demolished it!

Enjoy these videos of Cornelius, the pet Turkey at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. And ask yourself if you are OK with the way his species is treated in our culture. It's hard, I know. It's not what we want to do.... admit to ourselves that we don't HAVE TO factory farm to eat. But we owe it to Cornie. And millions like him, that won't be alive this time next week.

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