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*Animal neglect is considered a misdemeanor crime in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

*Felony penalties can be levied in Massachusetts and Oklahoma for any animal neglect case.

*Felony charges can be applied in animal neglect resulting in death in California, Connecticut, Florida and Washington, D.C.

*Felony charges can be applied in Georgia animal cruelty cases where malice is proved.

*There is no state in which it is OK to allow a companion animal to suffer and die of exposure.

    Miss Sadie has been with us almost a year. When she first arrived, she was simply terrified of everything. Too terrified to move, in fact. So she would lay in her bed, shaking, and pee on herself. 


    After many weeks of gentle reassurance, coupled with medical intervention, Sadie has become *almost* a normal dog. She comes out wagging when she hears her name or sees her leash. She goes out to potty in the back yard on her own, and rarely has accidents any more. Sadie is happy to be with our other dogs, and she stays away from the cats. 


    Today will be a big day for Sadie. She is going to try out a forever home. I feel happy for her, and also worried. I explained to her new mom that she will likely regress, for a while. That she will seem afraid again.  She needs gentle reassurance, over and over. It's also important that she remains on her Prozac during this (hopefully) last big transition. One day she won't need it.... but that day is not here. Not yet. 


    Part of being a rescuer is being able to "let go." This is going to be a hard one. Hugs for our Sadie... as she heads out the door to begin a new life. 

    It's "Giving Tuesday." I have suggested that people give books from our web store. To their own kids, or to children/ schools/ libraries in need. Help a child. Help a rescue pet. All at once.


    What I really want to do, however, is say THANKS. To all of the people who, in any way, have supported our rescue work in 2017.


    If you donated via GoFundMe, or with matched giving: THANKS. If you visited  one of our small events and gave cash: THANKS! If you attended Wine, Dine & Win: THANKS! If you bid on auction items for us: THANKS! If you volunteered time... as a foster, a dog walker, a transporter: THANKS!  If you wrote for grants for our programs: THANKS! If you ordered Posh from Susan: THANKS! It all counts, and it all works together, to save precious lives. A million and one small acts of kindness, add up to a successful year in rescue. 


    Which brings me to yet another request for help... Buddy would REALLY like to get out of the kennels and into foster care. He is a special dog and he is almost ready. THANKS to the reduced rates we receive from Red Bank Vet Hospital, we are able to provide ongoing care for him. And THANKS to Jack's Pets / Petvalu, we are able to provide food and treats and toys for him. And THANKS to FurKids Dog Daycare and Boarding, we are able to provide respite for busy foster homes. But we can't do it without YOU! Please help us find Buddy a "Home for the Holidays." 

    If even one Turkey Mama survived, to raise her littles for another year... that does my heart good!


    Yesterday we ate Feild Roast and Funeral Potatoes. Along with cranberries a special chocolate flavored wine. We did not feel at all deprived. And neither was she. 

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Without your support, she would never be ready for this big moment. Paws crossed that her potential adopters can give her the love and reassurance she needs :)

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