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Rescue as a Lifestyle: Preview of Susan's 2018 Blog

    As the President of OHR, and a founding member of Three Sisters' Pet Rescue... "Rescue" is not new to me at all. After all, we were on the cutting edge with many Rescue practices now taken for granted. Even 15 years ago, we helped pioneer pet transport from the south to New England. (Someday I'll talk about those fun days!)


   Of course any humane action is better than none! If you save one dog or cat, you are changing the world for that pet... and that can be enough. It's OK. Breathe deeply and love yourself for who you are, and what you are doing. 


    If you save enough dogs and cats, though, you will eventually ask yourself some existential questions. Like, "what is the difference between my puppy and this piglet on my plate?"  We'll be grappling with those dilemnas here, too. Because "Rescue" is not a single act, or a dozen acts, or a thousand acts. Rescue is a lifestyle. 


     THIS is a blog that will explore all Humane actions. We'll discuss lifestyle choices (what we eat and what we put on our bodies.)  I'll share what's happening with our education program, for a more humane generation.  There will be pages dedicated to fundraising: how it's done and what it looks like. You'll find posts about burnout and "care for the caregiver" (ie: rescue for the rescuer.) Advice for pet foster parents... Recipes... Cute doggie and kitty pics... Book reviews... 


    All IN ADDITION to talking about what Rescue is like, from the inside out. Join me! Let's have a fun 2018! 










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StephanieRMontgomery | Reply 21.12.2017 10.15

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12.12 | 08:45

Hi, I’m currently fostering a hound mix that your facility has agreed to take in after having been on her medicine for 30 days. Kim Perry is who contacted you

27.11 | 18:29

I would be able to foster a dog (as long as he/gets along with current dog). Living in Cincinnati area and have ability to bring dog to adoption events.

14.11 | 20:56

I may be able to foster some kittens or a cat or two. I live in Northern Ky and have been a foster to over 40 kittens in the past year.

21.12 | 10:15

Hey !very nice post. This post is really useful. Thank you for sharing.

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