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Saying Good-Bye After a Year

    Miss Sadie has been with us almost a year. When she first arrived, she was simply terrified of everything. Too terrified to move, in fact. So she would lay in her bed, shaking, and pee on herself. 


    After many weeks of gentle reassurance, coupled with medical intervention, Sadie has become *almost* a normal dog. She comes out wagging when she hears her name or sees her leash. She goes out to potty in the back yard on her own, and rarely has accidents any more. Sadie is happy to be with our other dogs, and she stays away from the cats. 


    Today will be a big day for Sadie. She is going to try out a forever home. I feel happy for her, and also worried. I explained to her new mom that she will likely regress, for a while. That she will seem afraid again.  She needs gentle reassurance, over and over. It's also important that she remains on her Prozac during this (hopefully) last big transition. One day she won't need it.... but that day is not here. Not yet. 


    Part of being a rescuer is being able to "let go." This is going to be a hard one. Hugs for our Sadie... as she heads out the door to begin a new life. 

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DONE Sending...

addie | Reply 10.12.2017 15.09

Without your support, she would never be ready for this big moment. Paws crossed that her potential adopters can give her the love and reassurance she needs :)

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12.12 | 08:45

Hi, I’m currently fostering a hound mix that your facility has agreed to take in after having been on her medicine for 30 days. Kim Perry is who contacted you

27.11 | 18:29

I would be able to foster a dog (as long as he/gets along with current dog). Living in Cincinnati area and have ability to bring dog to adoption events.

14.11 | 20:56

I may be able to foster some kittens or a cat or two. I live in Northern Ky and have been a foster to over 40 kittens in the past year.

21.12 | 10:15

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